Image from day one. -Jessica Dexter

WEBEF3_00070.jpgWEBEF4_00091.jpgThese are my day 1 images. A big thanks to all the culinary people I worked with and got to speak to. This is going to be a great class! Rachel Shelton

Images from day one.

Matthew Moore's Day 01 Shot
Photographer: Matthew Moore

Description: Leek Soup Ingredients

Notes: Big thanks goes out to Tom Moore and Rachel Shelton for the advice and assistance as well as to the culinary folks who worked hand-in-hand to style this shot.

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My image from day one.

Practice shot from day one.
I'm very excited for this class and to see what great images we can all create with the help from the culinary students. I think we'll all make a great team!
-Mariah Baumgartle

I have been excited to take Food Stylin since I first heard about it & I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of shooting with the culinary students! :D
-Kristin Penny

LeeS_Cheesae and Crakers Pratice.jpg

Shots from day one, relatively happy with them. Stacy Bauer